Yesterday's food diary

I'm not planning to post what I eat every day, however I will from time to time. This will be to give you all an idea of what I'm eating on Slimming World, and also to allow me to double check that I'm following the plan correctly.

For anyone not following me on Twitter, I'm getting on really well with the Slimming World diet.I've been doing it  for 8 weeks now, and I've lost a total of 1 stone and 3 pounds, which I'm delighted with. I'm back in my pre-pregnancy jeans, and best of all I don't feel hungry, and I'm cooking healthy meals for the whole family!

Here are my half stone and one stone loss awards:

Half Stone Award                      One Stone Award

So, Wednewsday's menu:

Mullerlight yoghurt
28g Alpen High Fibre (HEb)
An apple (superfree)

Cup of very milky coffee (Half of my HEa allowance - yes, I like it really milky!)

2.5 Waitrose Extra Lean Pork Sausages (5 syns)
Aunt Bessie's Frozen Mash (estimating at 4 syns, which is probably over-generous)
Baked beans
Loads of sugarsnap peas and baby sweetcorn (superfree)

Cup of very milky coffee (The other half of my HEa allowance)
1 banana (superfree)

Left over cold pasta, mixed with 2 tablespoons of Lighter than Light Mayo (1 syn)
Loads of salad leaves (superfree)
Fat free French salad dressing
Sliced lean ham

Total syns for the day: 10.


Catherine starts pre-school

 Catherine started pre-school this week. On the face of it, it didn't feel like that big a change. She's still going to the same nursery, still going two days per week (Monday and Friday), just going upstairs instead of into one of the downstairs rooms. She's changed rooms several times already, from baby room to toddler room to the "bigger toddler" room (or from Buttercups to Daisies to Foxgloves, as they would say). So this is just another room change - she's now a Snowdrop.

It's clear, though, that as far as nursery is concerned this is quite a big step. They're starting to express some concern that she's not potty trained yet (although they do say that it's likely she'll train quickly after a few weeks in Snowdrops, as most of the other kids are potty trained there, and she'll be watching what they do). And I've been reading her daily reports with great interest.

We get a daily report each day - it lets us know what she ate, when her nappy was changed (and in the younger rooms when she slept, although she doesn't get a daytime sleep in Snowdrops!). They have a pre-printed set of activities that the kids might do each day, and highlight each one that she does in a day. There's also a space for notes, where they write any particular comments. In her last room (Foxgloves) we'd get comments like "Catherine has enjoyed playing in the sandpit today" or "Catherine enjoyed talking about her baby brother today".

Her reports this week say "We have started to talk about Under the Sea. We have practised number recognition 1-5/1-10 and also practised Jolly Phonics" and "We have been practising f for fish and counting three fish". Yesterday was complete with a photocopied page of dotted letter "f"s that she had had a go at tracing around.

And, typical Catherine, you could see she'd had a really good go at the first two or three, and then got bored, done some big scribbles all over the page, and then coloured the picture of the frog at the bottom in green!

She is thoroughly enjoying the new room though, and I think she was really ready to move up! My little girl is growing up.

Diet starts

I have now done a few days on Slimming World, and so far I'm getting on with it very well. I officially started on Tuesday evening, after our Ocado delivery, so my first full day was Wednesday, and my first weigh-in is next Wednesday.

For those unfamiliar with Slimming World, it describes itself as a "food optimizing" diet. There are some foods I can eat unlimited quantities of (most fruit and veg, most lean meats, most fish), then I get to have two "healthy eating" choices per day - one that is milk or cheese, and the other that is bread or cereal. On top of that I can eat anything else I like, but everything has a "syn" value, and I can only have so many syns per day.

I have tried Weight Watchers in the past, but the constant calculating of points drove me mad, and I was hungry all the time on it. I also tried the Atkins diet, which worked really well for me, but I could never get myself off induction levels of carbohydrates without gaining weight, and it just didn't seem like a healthy long term way of eating.

Slimming World has some of the aspects of Atkins that I liked, like a large amount of food that I can eat without having to weigh and measure. In addition I've spoken with several friends who have had success with it, and recommend it. It's also a good healthy eating plan, meaning I can cook family meals that fit with the diet, and not have to make separate meals for me, which I know I wouldn't stick with. Let's face it, it's challenging enough finding the time to cook one healthy family meal per day, I don't want to add to my workload there.

My typical breakfast is large quantities of fresh fruit with yoghurt. This morning I added two Weetabix (healthy eating "b" option), which actually worked really well.

Lunches have been baked potatoes with cottage cheese and pineapple, or sliced meats, always with a huge side salad.

For dinners we've had cottage pie, steak with chips, pork chops. I even felt brave enough to go out to the pub for lunch today, and had the roast beef dinner.

The proof of the pudding will come when I weigh in on Wednesday morning.
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Dusting off this journal

It's been a long time since I posted here. Lots of things have happened (including the birth of our son David), and I've not had the time to update.

However, in an attempt to lose the baby weight, I've just started Slimming World online. And I know from ezperience there are two key things I need to do to make a diet successful. Firstly I need to be honest with myself about what I'm eating, and secondly I need the support of friends and family. So I have resolved to use this journal to achieve both those things.

I'll be documenting my meals, charting my progress and hopefully updating a bit more frequently than I have been doing.

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Tweets for Today

Here's a summary of my "Tweets" from today. You can follow me on Twitter at

  • 06:14 An early start this morning, coupled with 2 hours of inconsolable crying from D last night mean I'm feeling somewhat frazzled
  • 11:34 Home from D's consultation - consultant confirms no hernia at the moment, therefore no surgery. We go back for another check in 3 months.
  • 14:37 I've favourited a YouTube video -- Getting your baby into the Moby Wrap
  • 16:47 Why is it that overtired babies will not sleep? He's had 2 30min catnaps since midday, and I know we'll have another rubbish night. Aaarg!
  • 18:35 Two hours out walking with the pram and he slept for twenty minutes!!!
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Tweets for Today

Here's a summary of my "Tweets" from today. You can follow me on Twitter at

  • 09:53 At the hospital with all the family - waiting for David to have a scan to check if it's a hernia or not...
  • 10:23 Good news from David's scan - no hernia could be seen. Hopefully this means no surgery - we'll find out for sure tomorrow morning.
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Tweets for Today

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  • 08:01 My little boy definitely smiled at me this morning - several times! :-)
  • 09:56 Hmmm.... Have just discovered you can use a Maxi Cosi car seat with the Phil & Teds Sport... I'm getting really tempted now...
  • 10:25 The cooler, wetter weather is entirely my fault - I just ordered a while load of summer rompers for David from Mothercare! ;)
  • 15:55 Going to be in hospital next two mornings with David, who now has a suspected hernia. Nothing serious, but more messing around :-\
  • 22:43 audioBoo: Hydrocele boo
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